Pressure is on retailers in every category to deliver fresher, higher quality, better variety, more convenient and better value grab & go options. Actual Produce was developed to answer each of those demands so retailers can Actually help customers to enjoy the perfect food…perfectly…every time! That’s why we say, “It‘s All Good!”

Actual Produce is the most deeeeelish grab & go option that fits your customers’ busy lifestyle as easily as it tickles their taste buds and cures their cravings. Every fresh cup of Actual fruits & vegetables is hand-cut and hand-packed from scratch because that’s exactly how your customers would do it...if only they had the time.

Actual Produce is the fresh cut program Retailers have always wanted!

•  One call for a nationally branded refrigerated grab & go section
•  Seamless program management for chains & independents
•  Predictably fresh - Consistent quality
•  Tight food safety & quality control standards extend shelf life and improve product turns.
•  Exclusive packaging that looks better, functions better and preserves fresh taste.
•  Finally… the fresh option to canned fruit in a cup.

Actual Produce is a lead brand in the Tom Lange Company “Foods with Benefits” strategy which was developed to help retailers respond to industry trends and meet consumer demand for fresher, healthier, more affordable, better tasting and more convenient organic and conventional produce products.


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