Seven Seas Berry Sales

Seven Seas Berry Sales specializes in the fast growing berry category, adding great value to our Global Produce Network. This growing division of Tom Lange Company carries on the commitment to premium quality and effective solutions that our customers expect. Understanding supply needs, Seven Seas Berry Sales is rapidly expanding to offer comprehensive berry programs.

Global Year-Round Supply

Offering both conventional and organic berry varieties from Mexico and California, in addition to partnering with Tom Lange's international Seven Seas division provides a global, year-round supply. A focus on developing supply relationships with high quality grower partners provides customers with product sourced from growers who are innovative in the development of varieties and in their agricultural practices.

The Seven Seas Berry Sales office is located in the heart of the Northern California strawberry growing district—providing the sales team with a unique perspective on day-to-day production. The sales team's in-depth knowledge of the industry and grower relationships provides customers with a trusted resource to assist in effectively managing their berry category.

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